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Do Mosquito Bands Work to Keep Pesky Mozzies at Bay?

Do mosquito bands work? Good question. Especially considering that there are currently over 300 unique species of mosquitoes here in the down under. There are only about 30 species of mosquitoes that can transmit diseases to humans in Australia, thanks to the fact that not all mosquitoes bite humans. Nevertheless, "Mosquitoes" annoy a lot of people, because when bitten, they feel itchy and uncomfortable on the skin. 

There are more than one million deaths and over a billion infections caused by mosquitoes and their ilk each year, causing chronic pain, brain damage, blindness, and other serious side effects. Illnesses such as dengue fever, malaria, and encephalitis… All come from mosquitos. If you live here in the hot and humid climate of Australia, mosquitoes can reproduce more easily and live longer. 

That said, as honest humans, we don’t want them to bite us. I mean, let’s be honest… They’re GROSS! 

That being said, many "mosquito repellents" that are advertised have people wondering whether or not they work. That’s why in this post, we will answer the question do mosquito bands work? We will go over a couple of other topics like how mosquito bands work and provide additional tips for keeping these pesky insects away from you. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to live in peace without having to worry about these buzzing buggers hopping from person to person sucking up your sanity!

So, let's get started!

What Exactly are Anti-Mosquito Bands?

So, what exactly are anti-mosquito bands? Another good question. An anti-mosquito band has pouches for pellets or other elements infused with citronella or peppermint oil that attract mosquitoes or infused with citronella oil to repel them. The concept behind anti-mosquito bands is of course that mosquitoes and other biting insects will stay away from you when you wear a wristband that emits fumes.

But do mosquito bands really work? 

Keep reading to find out!

Do Mosquito Bands Really Work?

The short answer… YES! Mosquito bands really work! According to scientifically backed research, mosquito bands actually do work. Over 57% of the people that wore mosquito bands bragged that they work very well. In fact, people actually prefer this product to typical mosquito repellent because it doesn’t leave a film on the skin. 

This is very good news, considering the fact that there are a ton of peskymosquito species in Australia. Deet is often used in mosquito repellants, and it tastes pretty horrible too. Even if you manage to miss your mouth with the spray, eventually you'll touch your skin somewhere and it'll end up in your mouth anyway, and it's not a good flavor.

So, now let’s answer “How do mosquito bands work” for any science enthusiasts out there, or just randomly curious people who may be reading this post today!

How do Mosquito Bands Work?

Mosquito bracelets are worn on the wrist or ankle just like regular bracelets. They repel mosquitos by releasing natural chemicals into the air that deter the flying pests from landing on them. With natural mosquito-repelling substances such as Geraniol Oil, Lemongrass Oil, and Citronella Oil, our mosquito bands offer protection that most mosquito bands do not.

They Won’t Create a Barrier Like Spray Does

Despite their many advantages, mosquito-repellent bracelets do not create any kind of barrier on or around you like spray repellant does. Mosquito bands also won’t kill the mosquitoes. Airflow may prevent mosquitos upwind from being affected by the odors of the repellant chemicals, while mosquitos downwind from you would be the most affected.

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Additional Tips for Keeping Those Pesky Mosquitos at Bay

Mosquitoes are some of the peskiest pests. Not only will they ruin your outdoor plans, but they can also carry a range of harmful diseases once they start biting. With the proper outfit, repellents, and some crude deliberation, you can re-claim your outdoor parties, gatherings, and family time, essentially keeping mosquitoes away.

Here are some tips for keeping mosquitoes away:

Remove Sources of Standing Water 

Get rid of any sources of standing water that you can. This is where mosquitoes breed, and removing them can significantly reduce the number of mosquitoes that you have around your home. 

Sprinkle Coffee Grounds in Standing Water

Spread coffee grounds in areas of standing water. Coffee eliminates insect larvae, helping to significantly lower their populations.

Wear Long Sleeves and Trousers

Wearing long sleeve shirts and trousers will reduce the number of mosquitoes that are attracted to you because mosquitoes are generally attracted to sweat while the bacteria that are natural congregate on your skin.

Wear Light Colors

Wear clothes that are light-colored like whites, tans, and pastels. Mosquitoes tend to be attracted to colors that are dark like black and navy.

Turn on Fans

Turn on fans to reduce mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are not powerful fliers, thus electric fans strategically placed it difficult for the pesky insects to reach you and bite around you or your deck make.

Keep Lawn Cut Short

Cut your lawn regularly. Mosquitoes love to hide in tall, abundant grasses. Remove the clippings after you have mowed, and mow regularly for the best results.

Grow Mosquito-Repelling Plants

Grow mosquito-repelling plants in the garden or yard to ward off mosquitos naturally. Lavender, marigolds, orange balm, pennyroyal, catnip, and basil are only a handful of the natural mosquito-repelling plants you could grow to reduce mosquito colonies.

Invest in Other Mosquito Repellent Solutions

Ozzie Mozzie also carries other mosquito control products that work wonders on mosquito populations. The Mosquito Zapper is a very popular product that will lure mosquitos in and then ZAP! Kill them on the spot. Keep hundreds and thousands of pesky mosquitoes out of your space, and keep your family safe from attack as much as possible.

Another extremely useful and effective product that we carry at Ozzie Mozzie is our Mosquito Net Hat, designed to keep you cool in the sweltering summer months and keep mosquitoes away from your face and neck; perfect for working in the garden or watching the ankle biters play outside.

Do Mosquito Bands Work? Wrapping Things Up

So, do mosquito bands work? Absolutely. There are also other measures that you can take to naturally control the number of mosquitoes around your home and away from you and your loved ones. Shop Ozzie Mozzie for all of your mosquito repellant needs in Australia.

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