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Do Mosquito Zappers Work? The Truth About Mozzie Zapping Devices

There’s quite a bit of discussion going on about the effectiveness of mosquito zappers. Today, we’re here to discuss the truth about mozzie-zapping devices. To do that, we’ll answer two common questions we get:

  1. Do mosquito zappers work? 
  2. How do mosquito zappers work? 

When it comes to a good bug zapper, specific contributing factors must be met to effectively lure in biting mosquitoes to kill them. This article will discuss these factors and what you should look for in a mozzie zapper to get your money’s worth and prevent future bites from pesky mozzies!

What are Mozzie Zappers - AKA Mosquito Zappers?

Mosquito zappers are used to attract and kill flying insects, like mozzies. Using light, the device attracts mosquitoes and uses an electrical discharge to eliminate the pesky creatures. They first lure the pest and then exterminate them - taking a dual approach to pest control. 

The mozzie zapper utilizes light to attract mosquitoes to the zapper (and away from its feast) into a confined space surrounded by metal, or sometimes plastic, grids. Once the mosquitoes enter the zapper’s territory past the grids, the mosquito is zapped with electricity to exterminate it. 

There are a variety of mozzie zappers, each ranging in size, material, design, and sometimes the color that is emitted to attract flying insects. 

Do Mosquito Zappers Work?

So, do mosquito zappers work? Yes - but there is a caveat. Not all mosquito zappers are created equal.

Sure, cheaper zappers still kill mosquitoes - but not as many as desired. This is because mosquitos are more attracted to their warm-blooded prey than the mozzie zapper. Most of the time, the mosquito zapper will attract other flying insects like moths, flies, and beetles, which can make consumers mistakenly believe that the zapper is working efficiently. 

But why are the mosquito zappers not attracting their designated prey? 

There are a few reasons why. First, most lower-end mozzie zappers solely rely on ultraviolet light to attract mosquitos. This results in a faulty zapper that does not efficiently attract mosquitos. 

Other mosquito zappers combine octanol (an active pesticide ingredient), CO2 (carbon dioxide), and ultraviolet light, which are loads more effective in drawing in mosquitoes. These are the type of mosquito zappers you must buy to get the job done. 

We’ll help you find the right zipper later on. First, let’s address the question that’s likely on your mind now…how do mosquito zappers work? 

How do Mozzie Zappers Work, Exactly?

So, how do mozzie zappers work? 

Effective mosquito zappers utilize CO2, light, and octanol to lure, trap and exterminate mozzies. Female mosquitoes use CO2 and other chemicals to find their hosts. The mozzie zapper attracts the female mosquito using CO2 to simulate a host.

Mozzie zappers also use light to lure mosquitoes. Different species of mosquitoes, like day-biting or night-biting, are attracted to varying light spectrums. An excellent middle ground to attract both types of biting mosquitoes is ultraviolet, blue (a type of UV light), or fluorescent light.

Looking for Mosquito Zappers That Work? Check This Out…

If you’re looking for a mosquito zapper that will genuinely work to get rid of those pesky biting insects, then Ozzi Mozzie’s Next-Gen mozzie zapper is guaranteed to get the job done!

Our mozzie zapper uses non-toxic LED light (a type of UV light) and emits a frequency of UV (365nM) to attract the mosquitoes like a magnet. The broad coverage of this mosquito zapper draws mosquitoes away from their prey (us humans and our pets) to lure the mosquitoes in and zap them. 

We’ve specially designed our mosquito zapper to be odorless, noiseless, safe, mess-free, and rechargeable for the highest quality home usage tool to eliminate pesky, biting mosquitoes. 

Other Ways to Keep Pesky Mosquitoes Away 

Leaving your home away from our efficient bug zapper can leave you susceptible to mosquitoes and their annoying buzzing and biting habits. That’s why we recommend using other tools like our mosquito hat and mozzie bands to deter mozzies from using you as a warm meal. 

Mosquito Hat

Our mosquito hat is perfect for gardening, camping, fishing, and hiking. The hat comes with a fully removable and breathable net that promotes complete protection against biting mosquitoes. In addition, its unique design incorporates optimal protection from sunlight and mozzies without compromising comfort. 

Mozzie Bands

If you’re not a fan of hats, then our mosquito-deterring mozzie bands are the perfect selection!

Coming in a pack of ten, these mozzie bands are made using natural ingredients like citronella oil, geraniol oil, and lemongrass oil. These ingredients are proven to deter biting mosquitoes as a natural method to make our product DEET-free, which is an active chemical ingredient in most insect-repellent products. 

Each bracelet boasts 350 hours of protection. This product is an excellent selection for parents wanting to protect their children from nagging, itchy bug bites for the upcoming summer. 

Mosquito Repellant

Buying an effective mosquito repellant is one of the most commonly used methods to deter mosquitos. Purchasing an effective mosquito repellant is another mosquito-repelling tool to consider if you plan on being outdoors.

Invest in an insect repellant for guaranteed mozzie-repellent success registered with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA). These repellants have been verified to be safe and effective. Unfortunately, they have a nasty smell. Moreover, they leave a greasy film on your skin - and thus, we recommend avoiding them if possible. Stick with mozzie bands, a hat, and a zapper instead! 

Do Mozzie Zappers Work? Wrapping Things Up

So, do mosquito zappers work? How do mosquito zappers work? 

For a mozzie zapper to be effective, there must be a combination of light, CO2, and octanol. In addition, other factors have been found to contribute to effectively luring biting mosquitoes, like frequency and type of UV light. 

Our mozzie zapper has proven to be effective. Made with exceptional quality and attention to detail, Ozzi Mozzie’s mosquito zapper utilizes frequency and light to draw mosquitoes away from you and to the zapper to get rid of them for good. Explicitly designed for versatility to be used at home or on the go, our zapper is guaranteed to keep you safe from mozzies. Get yours today! 

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